Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sharon's Karen's

Sharon has become one with The Karen people of Burma. The Karen people's ancestors were from Tibet.
Karen was originally applied pejoratively by enemies. However, the term has since been claimed by the Karen themselves as a badge of pride.



Dominic said...

They will
Ring her neck
With kisses
'Cause she smell
So darn delicious

Kenny P. said...

I used to work with a Karen. I never used the name pejoratively. She was lovely.
I think her neck was of average length.

TK SLusser said...

word is that you can support the Karen Sharon's by purchasing the decorative donut holder as pictured in today's Spotbottom post...

morselmusic said...

Much like Amy Tan's bumbling travelers in "Saving Fish from Drowning", Sharon has ended up in No Name Place*.


Ding Dong said...

sharon can even make some of the most ridiculous pieces of jewelry shine with beauty!