Monday, April 14, 2008

Sharon sad

Friends never leave you They're a two way street
They'll always believe in you When you've ceased to believe
And I'll still feel the same If you're a friend in need
Cuz', I'll always love you Don't forget about me
~ Nanci Griffith
Bye Bye friend



TK SLusser said...

Sharon needs to break out with a smile and her diamond grill.

Dominic said...

Hey, Sharon! Emmett Kelly called. He wants his sad face back!

Sharon Spotbottom said...

Emmett can fight Sharon for it!

morselmusic said...

I'll give ya sad, but those eyes are creepin' me out.

Ding Dong said...

sharon will always be ding dong's favorite no matter how far away ding dong is!

Kenny P. said...

I'll be your friend.