Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sharon's Shoes

Guest artist #3

The finest hand crafted Shire wedge footwear available.
This shoe boasts a stylish heel with resilient rubber outsole for durable traction. A Steel shank provides support and stability for all day, all weather comfort. Sheep vein lining wicks away moisture and allows the shoe to mold to the natural shape of the foot.

This posting made and submitted by Camera1. THANK YOU.


Dominic said...

Hochwertigste Leder und Verarbeitungsweisen sind unverwechselbare Kennzeichen für das Original von SHARONSTOK®

TK SLusser said...

very few people know that Sharon wears wedgies as her clicky heels got stuck in the mud. Sharon got out. the shoes didn.t.......

morselmusic said...

It's no coincidence that Sharon's interlocking wedges fit perfectly against the rows and rows of empty Toblerone packages she put away during the holiday season.