Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Spotbottom family

Sharon's Family

Sharon's Dadoo:
Baron Von Spotbottom is a lovely man who enjoys his pets and tinkering around the house.

Sharon's Mamoo:
Clodagh Spotbottom is prone to chasing Sharon with a broom. Sharon has her fathers nose.

Sharon's sister:
Grindle once led a bus load of Girl Scouts over a cliff and then went home to eat all their cookies with Sharon.

Sharon's brother:
Ted Spotbottom hums and smiles when he reads.


sweeps said...

i grew up next door but one to the Spotbottoms' and must reveal that the only way you could stop there constant screeching was with a cup of tea and a lolly...

birdmanofforestville said...

I'd like to live next door to the spotbottoms

yellopad said...

A Sharon post on Saturday! What can we expect next? The Spotbottom family going to church together on Sunday?

Ding Dong said...

their superior genetics have summed up to quite an extraordinarily attractive family!