Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sharon Air

Welcome to the Sharony skies where Sharon graces the air with her tartan undercarriage and beret-inforced vertical stabilizer. Looks good from above or below.



birdmanofforestville said...

A delicate tartan undercarriage. I like it!

yellopad said...

Off Sharon goes
into the wild blue yonder,
Climbing high
into the sun;
Here she comes
zooming to meet her thunder,
At 'a girl, Flying is fun!
(Flying is fun!)

Down she dives,
spouting her flames from under,
Off with
one helluva roar!
She lives in fame
honoring her name.
Hey! Nothing'll stop
the Shazza Air Lines!

sweeps said...

i hear that the flight to Bombay allows for chickens, sheep and Grindle handing out packets of duty free cigarettes.

wheresmymind said...

Sharon part of the mile high club? ;)

Ding Dong said...

... a mile high from above and below!