Friday, October 14, 2005

Sharon's odor

Ding Dong makes his claim for capturing the alluring Oh d'Sharon.



Top Chook said...

What's the RRP

birdmanofforestville said...

Move over Chanel - Shazza is here

Flopsypants said...

RRP - i reckon it's top dolla BUT you qualify for family n friends discounts and besides you're one top chook.
twofiddy for you.

yellopad said...

There was a young man named Ding Dong,
Whose cologne made him smell so wrong.
Women with him were not pairing,
Until he tried Oh d'Sharon,
And now he gets more than his sharing.

sweeps said...

more like eau de fried rice!

leaveanote said...

one can only hope this will not induce seizures

Ding Dong said...

and it's homecoming weekend