Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Sharon computing

"Pictures must not be too picturesque" ~Ralph Waldo Emerson



yellopad said...

System Software Overview:
System Version: Shaz OS X 10.4.2
Kernel Version: Shazza 8.2.0
Boot Volume: Shazintosh HD
Computer Name: Sharon's G5
User Name: Sharon (sharon)

Hardware Overview:
Machine Name: iShaz G5
Machine Model: PowerShaz 8,2
CPU Type: ShazzaPC G5 (3.1)
CPU Speed: 2 gigashaz
Memory: 512 megashaz
Boot SHAZ Version: 5.2.5shz1

sweeps said...

"i went to the woods in order to send much spam"~ Henry David Thoreaubottom

Ding Dong said...

looks like sharon is hard at work nowadays.