Saturday, March 19, 2005

Sharon's headline

Sharon was determined to win the Presidential Pro-Am tennis match.



sweeps said...

looks like sharon has a secret weapon and it is not her ravishing beauty!

tessmonster said...

go sharon..kick his a**

Ding Dong said...

bushy, if you lay one finger on her, i'll smash you up and tear you to shreds!

attymofo said...

Sharon, I have a new found respect for your serve and is positively "shock and awe", the "mother of all games" Good luck finding those womd!

d_orlando said...

One morning at his Texas ranch, Bush found a brand new tennis ball. Happy with his lucky find, he slipped it into the pocket of his shorts.

Later at the tennis court, before playing their first match, Sharon stood eyeing the large bulge in the President's white shorts. "What's that?" she asked, her eyes gleaming with wonder.

"Tennis ball," came Bush's breathless reply.

"Oh," said Sharon sympathetically, "that must be painful... I had tennis elbow once."