Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Sharon's brother

Ted Spotbottom can make story time out of any good read.



sweeps said...

is ted the spotbottom marilyn munster???? looks like he has had dental work...he has a very beautiful smile soooo unlike the spotbottom clench. practically dishy!

sweeps said...

shock horror i just saw a rumor that dishy ted spotbottom is a priest!!! say it isn't so....say he is single and available to all but that ding dong fellow..

yellopad said...

With those sparkling teeth and tartanic hot pants, it's obvious what Ted Spotbottom actually is --- an exotic male dancer.

What's he reading? The Chippendale's Reader?

Ding Dong said...

whatever he does for a living, he is not nearly as beautiful or as smart as his sister!

attymofo said...

Ted seems to be missing a vital organ, in my estimation! Is he suffering from a little anorexia????
Is he still an athletic stud in that tie?
Does he have an action figurine I could purchase displaying all of his moves? Do tell!!!

d_orlando said...

Enough with the beefcake... bring back the Sharon cheesecake!