Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sharon's ride

Limping it old school.

sharons old school ride


Ding Dong said...

sharon's so ghetto!

Dominic said...

Izzle kizzle, fo' Shazzle
My nizzle, yo fizzle kizzy wizzy izzle what you sizzle?
Fo' Shazzle bizzle, ha ha yo shut yo Spotbottomizzle

Trillian said...

Izzle shizzle fo' laz gimpizzle
Mizzle wizzle mo' craz limpizzle
Fizzle hizzle yo' Shaz pimpizzle

(Translation: Sharon pimped my ride for me because I'm a limpy gimp.)

Still rocking my world. I cannot wait to give my podiatrist a copy of this.


TK SLusser said...

Sharon was always the girl dragging her dead leg down the beach with her radio on...

Kenny P. said...

Yampy ma shampy
whampy be hampynampy?
Mampy, Ah hampy yo b'okampy!

Oops, wrong ghetto.