Monday, October 30, 2006

Sharon of the faerie realm

Imposing her grace.



d_orlando said...

The woods are full of faeries!
The trees are all alive;
The river overflows with them,
See faerie Sharon dip and dive!

What funny little fellows!
What dainty little dears!
They dance and leap,
And prance and peep,
With faerie Sharon cheers!

I'd like to tame Sharon,
To keep her on a shelf,
And dress her little faerie self.
I'd teach her pretty manners,
Sharon always would say "please,"
And then you know I'd make her do
A curtsy with her faerie Sharon knees.

sweeps said...

ah...i thought those 18th century photos of the 14th Baroness prancing with the wee folk had been lost forever!

Ding Dong said...

like tinkerbell but cuter!