Friday, March 10, 2006

S.S. Spotbottom

Sharon's father, the very Baron Von Spotbottom is nano whaling.
Sharon's having a whale of a time.



birdmanofforestville said...

watch out for Greenpeace they might mistake you for a Japanese Whaling ship

Top Chook said...

All aboard!

d_orlando said...

The Adventures of Captain Sharon & the Old Pirate

Old Pirate: "Har, har. Shiver me timbers!"

Capt. Sharon: "Yo ho. Shiver me twigs."

Old Pirate: "Argh! Where be the loot?"

Capt. Sharon: "There be treasure in them thar hills."

Old Pirate: "Aye aye, captain. And how it be found?"

Capt. Sharon: "Ahoy Matey. "X" marks the spot!"

Old Pirate: "Argh! And all shall be mine!"

He throws a dagger, missing her!

Capt. Sharon: "Avast ya scarvy scum. Prepare to meet yer maker."

She unsheathes her sword. A fight ensues.

(To be continued.)

sweeps said...

very few people know that the Baron met Clodagh in the belly of a whale.

Ding Dong said...

sweeps and ding dong stick to the land or up the throat spews their supper on the sand!