Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sharon is Spotty

Grand dame of da dominoes.



yellopad said...

Sharon's got game!

sweeps said...

Sharon is obviously working her juju for the turkey day tournee!

Flopsypants said...

Take this test to determine if dominos is healthy for you
1. When you are losing and a fellow player is ahead whom you think should not be ahead of you:
a) you stop immediately and throw the dominos across the table yelling "i'm not playing this game anymore!"
b) your hair begins to stand on end, you lose control and well you just look down right weird
c) you ignore it, telling yourself you will deal with it after the game
2. When you say "good luck" to a friend or fellow club member of similar ability before the game, what you really mean is:
a) you hope they have a great game
b) you hope they burn in hell
c) you could care less how they do, as long as you are ahead of them

Ding Dong said...

sharon will have to think her way around the slanty eye people on tournee day!