Friday, September 23, 2005

Sharon statuesque



birdmanofforestville said...

Don't statues normally have large genitalia?

sweeps said...

last seen posing outside the walls of sodom & gomorrah..

Ding Dong said...

marble sharon glistens under the morning sun!

Patio said...

Sure beats the "Bacon and Eggs" sculpture at SSU!

yellopad said...

The Sharon statue stood patiently in the park, until one day an angel came down from heaven. "You've been such exemplary statue," he announced to her, "That I'm going to give you a special gift. I'm going to bring you to life for three hours, in which you can do anything you want." And with a clap of his hands, the angel brought the Sharon statue to life.

Just at that moment, the real Sharon entered the park. She was as pleased with the miracle as the statue. So, the two Sharons decided to spend the afternoon together. They went shopping at the megamall, tried on bikinis and makeup, kicked a soccer ball around for a bit, sprayed rude graffiti on walls, then followed up with an all-you-can-eat meal at a nearby health food restaurant. All in all, a wonderful afternoon.

They returned to the park. "Hey, you still have five more minutes," said the real Sharon, looking at her watch.

Grinning, the Sharon statue said to the real Sharon, "Oh! Before I forget, please catch me a pigeon, Shazza."

"What for?" asked the real Sharon.

The Sharon statue giggled, "So you can hold it down for me to crap on its head."